Couture Meets Mystery in Laser Lace Letters

Laser Lace Letters

Some of the clues available through Laser Lace Letters.

There’s a unique project wrapping up on Kickstarter very soon.  Laser Lace Letters is a peculiar type of fiction, but for anyone who enjoys owning a physical piece of a fantasy world, it’s a treasure trove.
The project invites you to pick up your magnifying glass and investigate your way through the evidence of seven different disappearance cases that take place in steampunk London.  The evidence includes things like pages from diaries, photographs, letters, newspaper clippings, surreptitious notes, and official documents.
However, the heart of each story is a laser cut cameo that shows each character in a transfigured state – one with rabbit ears, one with a unicorn horn, one whose head seems to have been replaced with that of a fox.  The cameos are wearable, so the story can live on as part of your favorite outfit.
Laser Lace Letters comes out of Clockwork Watch (, a steampunk open storyworld that incorporates comics, film, and live events, and invites participants to create their own stories using its concepts and characters.
The project’s campaign ends on November 27, and has a number of different rewards on offer, including custom cameos, wax seal stampers, and a chance to have a story created around you.  The project’s Kickstarter page can be found at
Editor’s Note: The preceding was provided by the fundraisers.