Gettin’ Clean: An Interview With Eli August

Eli August has been a working musician for around a decade now and has seen much success as both a solo artist and with his band “The Abandoned Buildings.” His dark Americana and deeply personal sounds have seen him play coffee shops and Steampunk events alike but with the release of “The Victorian Dead,” Eli started flexing his artistic muscle beyond music…  Eli created soap.

Ashley L. Rogers: So Eli, many of us know you as a musician but what led you to start creating soap?

Eli August:  I’ve never really been good at making things with my hands other than music and cooking.  I wanted to try a craft and I have always been a big fan of handmade lye soaps, so it just seemed to fit.

ALR: What goes into the creation of Soap?

Eli: Lye, Water, Base Oils, Essential Oils, and the patience to endure people who make Fight Club jokes.

ALR: Is there anything you wish you knew before you made your first bar of soap?

Eli: Not really.  I feel I did a healthy amount of research about it before I made my first batch.

ALR: How would you say soapcrafting has influenced your music?

Eli:  I would say that its been the other way around.  The main scents that I sell are based off of people from “The Victorian Dead” album I released last year.  So, in a sense, the music inspired the soap:

ALR: So would it be safe to say that you feel what defines Steampunk Music is less a sound and more of it’s approach and attitude towards craftsmanship?

Eli:  I would say that craftsmanship is a wonderful way to put it.  You have to put all of yourself into what you do, no matter what you do.  There’s a lot of bullshit out there and I believe people can see through it, or they won’t be fooled by it for long.  If you’re just rehashing music that’s already been made or writing songs that don’t have some real meat on the bone so to speak, then what are you doing?  You’re selling me a repackaged and slightly altered version of an already existing product.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a tune that’s sole purpose is to get your booty a shakin’.  All things have their place.

And I will answer the obvious question… NO Eli is not Tyler Durden.  Eli August and The Abandoned Buildings are however putting out a full band album, if you would like to be a part of the process check out their Indiegogo Here.  To hear the full band sound; listen to the song “Kind,” Here.  Eli and the band are hard at work in the studio but their next appearance with be at Roxy and Dukes in NJ!

We leave you with video of Eli August and the Abandoned Buildings playing at Steampunk World’s Fair:

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  1. November 4, 2012 at 9:56 pm

    Ashley, don’t forget, Eli August and the Abandoned Buildings are working on a crowd-funding campaign for a new release! You can pre-order the album here and contribute to the campaign:

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