Something Awesome That Way Will Have Gone

This just in folks, and is it a whopper of a story. It seems there are plans for a festival that neverwas held and people have been eager to get their hands on the particulars. We’re expecting a full press release shortly, but in the meantime, here’s the skinny.

Steamstock. An event to be held in the future, but by all accounts it appears to have previously been neverheld for travelers in the aether. Indeed, according to the website, the organizers are asking that Steamstock attendees visit on only one occasion. Chronological authorities are breathing down their necks about an influx of repeat visitors. So, to be safe, save the date.

October 7th, 2012

And make sure that’s the only date you save. By the look of things, for Steampunks, it’s one of the only dates that should have mattered.

The line up is heavy with everything we know and love about the world of Steampunk. And, as with any event that has to fund time travel for not just the bands but the equipment, attendees, and vendors as well, Steamstock had the good foresight to retroactively run a Kickstarter campaign. With only 89 backers, they reached their funding goal of $3000, and went on to exceed it by $1000. That’s a whole lot of commitment from a small crowd of people.

Well done, we say. Let’s all keep our eyes open for more news. And if any men in black suits approach you, it may be wise to disavow all knowledge of the event.